The next generation of welders

JSRHS Welding Intrasession.PhilMatzke photoThe staff and especially the owner of Multi-Weld are passionate about mentoring and training the younger generation for trade opportunities. We need to foster those young people that don’t have the desire or means to go to four years or more of college.There is good money to be made for a skilled laborer, and plenty of opportunities for advancement.

We had the opportunity to host an Intrasession for the students of John Stark High School.  This was a half day event giving students the opportunity to have one on one instruction from industry professionals along with the chance to try out different methods of welding and fabrication. We ended the day with a pizza party to celebrate!  Thanks to the staff of John Stark High School for providing this opportunity for your students in a time when academia tends to be the main push for all students.

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